To help your kids pass the time at home in a meaningful way, we wanted to encourage them to continue where they left off in their Technology Class.

We started this year with learning Javascript at Khan Academy. To login to Khan Academy, your child will need to use their Gmail account that we created for them at the beginning of the year.

Hopefully, your child will remember their email address and password. We used the following paradigm:

email: first name + last name + school initials
password: oneontarm#

For example, a student named Elijah Choi in Room 7at Oneonta would be:

email: [email protected]
password: oneontarm7

If you forget the email, it’s okay. You can create a new one yourself.

Once you are able to login or create a new email for your child, use that Gmail account to login to Khan Academy.

You can login with any gmail and have your child go through the lessons.

More recently, we switched to

Click the link above and choose the appropriate grade level of your child and they can follow along. So far, we did the following Hour of Code tutorials: Flappy Code, Minecraft Aquatic, Star Wars. You can read more about it here.

Also, we would highly encourage typing practice so that your child is able to type with all 10 fingers. Your child can practice here.